On the weekend 19th and 20th of June 2004 some far-far distant relatives visited Freiburg. As such is always a nice opportunity to take a weekend off, I enjoyed the time with them :-) as they gave me some of the pictures they took, I just put a few of them here.

We went to Freiburg, and as there is not too much to do in Freiburg at evenings, we went so some places I like.
On one day we went to the roman ruins of Badenweiler.
But as the Black-Forest is sooo near, my father took us with him to his usual training trip to the mountains.
As we reached the meadow he aimed, we rested in the sun, before we got back.
If you want more pictures, just ask them, maybe they have taken some more. I'm sorry about the low resolution, but I cut the picture this way, so you don't have to wait too long on your computer.